Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Find Healthy World Cafe at the Gifts That Give Hope Fair

Healthy World Cafe is amped to be sharing some other news with our loyal friends and volunteers:

This year, we'll be partnering with other York-area nonprofits for the Gifts That Give Hope Fair to kick off at Brown's Orchards & Farm Market in November and run through Dec. 28.

Patrons who come into the fair will receive a list of each of the 15 nonprofits who are participating -- find all the organizations at giftsthatgivehope.org/york -- plus the three gifts each of us are offering for the holiday season.

The idea behind Gifts That Give Hope is to bring together nonprofits and community organizations working to make a difference in their area -- as Healthy World Cafe does in providing locally sourced, healthy meals to anyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Folks can purchase one (or more!) of three "gifts" on behalf of a friend or family member, then fair organizers provide a card that explains how the donation benefited the organization. Givers and receivers can feel good about supporting community-focused organizations (and stop worrying about what to get Aunt Sue).

For Healthy World Cafe, our three gifts are:
-- $20 toward the purchase of produce from local, small-time farmers that will form a salad to be served at one of our monthly lunches
-- $40 toward the purchase of locally raised, healthy (happy!) chickens from a southcentral Pennsylvania farmer that will form the basis of a dish at one of our monthly lunches
-- $60 toward covering the costs of 10 lunch patrons who are otherwise unable to afford a healthy meal -- or any meal at all